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Work even better with enterprise.

smartHome Solutions

Enno drives innovation within our company and concentrates on solving clients' problems in a professional way. The experienced technical service engineers spare no efforts to answer the questions patiently and help our customers to position the brand. With Enno Pro business solution, engineers can deploy devices with guaranteed satisfaction thanks to greater flexibility and more versatile controls. The seamless cooperation between IT and service teams helps achieving accurate and timely feedback flowing from customers to support team, professionally and systematically. Such standardised platform provides a solid foundation for further analysis and judgement.

Multi-functions with delicate designs.
Meeting more requirements with a reasonable cost.

Born to be excellent and powerful with integrated functionality.

Enno Pro Business Solution realises your perfect smart home, including partial lighting control, integrated ventilation system control, guarantee of home security, and central cloud service management. Enno Pro incorporates functions according to your business situation and requirements to outstand your enterprise uniqueness and maximise your brand impression.

Enno modifies and optimises functions according to enterprises' demands.

We meet your demand from infrastructure to product performance.

The All-in-One Integration Design and Distributed Control System offers extraordinary cooperation and management at the underlying process. Our backstage ensures the safety of hardware and software by protecting the system on 24/7 basis, and our dual-server design provides superior security protection.

smartHome Solutions

It is your brand mission.
And our strategy.

Enno Pro Business Solution empowers your real estate property to become an exclusive intelligent construction through our personalisation scheme. We focus on your enterprise mission, and build up a goal-driven strategy plan to make your business outstanding among competitors and be fascinating to target group. Our excellent customer service team will be wholeheartedly solving problems for you. Smart and agile solutions will respond to complex problems, such as data ecosystem, business process and brand requirements.


Cost-efficiency transforming. New smart landmark.

We aim at revolutionising smart home industry by building future tech-landmark, and you are exclusive partners to collaborate with us. We will maximise the potential power of Enno Pro Business Solution, Panno S, and Panno-X to enlarge your enterprise value and lower your business cost. We practice every detailed procedure, from project designing to installation process, into our Enno Pro Business Solution to solve your problems and do better from a multi-dimensional angle.

Retain almost the same construction cost and no additional operation and management fees required.

Obviously stimulate the project at a premium and create incredible return on investment.

Bridging the third-party for better connection and communication.

Traditional building automation system all used "one fits all" management philosophy. Enno opens more authorisations to work out more possibilities because we understand how important diversity is to your business. Being compatible with the KNX bus technology, the EnOcean wireless technology and RS485 at the same time, Panno S engages most of your intelligent devices into the smart system and has the least limitation to enhance the living experience of your end-consumers.

smartHome Solutions

*Device compatibility and connection tested: supported brands include LG, Daikin, Panasonic, Philips, Yale, etc.

Enno provides free device compatibility and connection test. Professional engineers will conduct technology compatibility test to ensure perfect device connection and running.

For more information about the technology and compatibility, please visit links below:

Excellent maintenance service comes from Enno Pro.

Making the installation and maintenance running efficiently is extremely important to the progress. Enno constantly improves the entire project to make complex process simple, in order to complete the mission as soon as possible.

smartHome Solutions

Results in no time.

The experienced installation professionals will review the relevant data and detect potential issues for safer and faster construction, ensuring the safety of weak system. The ETS setup of KNX bus technology, which protects the stability and reliability of the operation system, reduces the chance of error.

ETS setup ensures high efficiency of on-site adjusting work.

Pre-installed ETS setup
On-site adjusting work
Technical fault repair
smartHome Solutions smartHome Solutions

Enno's installation and configuration procedure

smartHome Solutions smartHome Solutions

Traditional installation and configuration procedure

Wire selection and settings

smartHome Solutions

Professional technology team selects the most appropriate combination of wires and instruct the wire settings and adjustment on-site.

Setting a new standard for security in every detail.

Enno offers regular maintenance service for our business clients, detecting the function and inspecting the operation status in order to reduce the threat before it materializes.

smartHome Solutions

Either at home or at the hotel, we secure your safety incessantly with our 24/7 monitoring and timely response to any situation.

smartHome Solutions

Based on the most secure and stable platform, Enno Pro Business Solutions provide the highest level of safety assurance that we apply data to deep learning programme and living environment optimisation only. We aim at alleviating your daily life with more sense of security.

Valued-Added Services.

Enno Pro provides multi-dimensional trainings for you to become professional at smart real estate field. The valued-added training service will lead you to explore the automation world through hardware and software introduction, technical training, and real user experience with our products. Within this market, you will get opportunities to build up personal network with genius expert globally and form specialised selling channels to boost sales exponentially.

smartHome Solutions